Little Scholars adopted the
HighScope® Curriculum and Approach

The HighScope® Curriculum History

The HighScope® Curriculum History

The HighScope® was founded in 1970 and emerged from Dave Weikart and Connie Kamii’s works on the Perry Preschool Project initiated in 1962.

The HighScope® Foundation is an independent and nonprofit research organization. The Foundation’s goals are to promote the learning and development of children worldwide from infancy through adolescence and to support and train educators and parents as they help children learn.

The HighScope® approach is based on constructivist theory. Constructivists believe that children learn mentally and physically by interacting with the environment and others. Although children may make errors during these interactions, they are considered another part of the learning process.

Although Constructivism is a theory of learning, as opposed to a theory of teaching, HighScope® has perfected an approach to teaching that supports Constructivist beliefs. Therefore, children learn through active involvement with people, materials, events, and ideas.

The Approach of HighScope®

HighScope® is a research-based, active learning curriculum that has been carefully designed to promote independent, creative thinking, decision making, and problem-solving in children from birth through kindergarten. The HighScope® Curriculum provides engaging classrooms and routines that support children’s play with various learning opportunities and encourage adult-child interactions.

The curriculum takes the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects while preparing children for later schooling and future success in life. Through intentional teaching methods, children are engaged based on their level of interest and development. This child-centered approach to early education achieves powerful, positive results.

The HighScope® Content Areas

The HighScope® Curriculum learning focuses on content areas based on the dimensions of school readiness guided by Key Development Indicators (KDI)
Pre-Nursery (ages 18 months – 2 Yrs) Nursery (ages 2 Yrs – 3 Yrs)
  •    Approaches to Learning
  •    Social and emotional development
  •    Physical development and health
  •    Communication, language, and literacy
  •    Cognitive development
  •    Creative Arts
  •    Approaches to Learning
  •    Social and emotional development
  •    Physical development and health
  •    Language, literacy, and communication
  •    Mathematics
  •    Creative Arts
  •    Science and technology
  •    Social studies

The Delivery of HighScope®


The Approach to Child’s Assessment

Children are evaluated through the use of a Child Observation Record, COR Advantage. It is HighScope®’s child assessment tool, which assesses children’s learning in the content areas. Each day, teachers and caregivers document brief written descriptions, or anecdotes, that objectively describe children’s behavior. They use these notes to evaluate each child’s development and plan activities to help individual children and the classroom progress.